What is happy?

A content dog is a happy dog. We understand and respect a dogs need for structure, security and clear communication.  It is with this in mind that we have designed our daycare program. 

Play groups are organized by size and energy level.  Much like a traditional school, the dogs are guided through a daily schedule of activities that include monitored interactive play, quiet time, behavioral direction, snack time and more.

Our small size allows us to intimately cater to the specific needs of each of our guests.


Most dogs, on average, clock in approximately 12-14 hours a day sleeping time!  Sleep is restorative, refreshing and it feels good. While sleep requirements can vary drastically from breed to breed we provide a safe and secure outlet for all guests to fulfill their innate desire to safely and comfortably "den".


Knowing and understanding boundaries are core components to any relationship.  Our dogs are given the opportunity to initiate play appropriately, accept or deny play invitations respectfully and discover how to self manage and/or find new buddies during times of change. 


Mental stimulation is equally as important as it's physical counterpart.  The dog walk offers great routine and bonding time.  However, channeling a dogs energy into area's that require them to find solutions to new challenges or introduce opportunities to succeed with puzzles and games, will greatly enhance their lives.